Last Updated: 1/3/2022 6:38 PM


January 3, 2022                                                        


 Dear Southern Fulton Families, 

As parents, we often have to face challenging issues that directly or indirectly impact our children. With the Coronavirus Pandemic, the challenges academically and socially have impacted communities on a global scale. Southern Fulton School District is committed to addressing the learning loss experienced by students to the best of our ability through remediation efforts. 

The Remediation Initiative is one way our district strives to meet student learning loss and provide recoupment to students experiencing learning difficulties and/or additional tutorial opportunities. 

Additional information regarding our remediation efforts and eligibility can be located under Quick LinksCommunity and Parent Information. 

Students’ Futures Matter to Us!


Remediation Initiative 

Remediation Referral Form

Sample Parent Permission Form