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Technology Coordinator/PIMS Administrator:
Our two school buildings have a fiber optic cable connecting them.  Our Internet connection is wireless.  Every classroom in our buildings has both wired and wireless access to our network.
We use mostly Windows-based laptops/desktops and iPads.  Each classroom teacher has either a laptop or desktop with Windows 7 or 10 and Office 2010 or 2016 - in the process of upgrading to Windows 10 and Office 2016.  There is an Interactive whiteboard (either Smartboard or Promethean) and LCD projector in each classroom.
Students use programs/services such as Successmaker, Accelerated Reader, Eureka Math, Get More Math, and Study Island.  There are approximately 70 desktop computers, 220 laptops, 170 iPads, and 60 Chromebooks for student use.
We also offer access to our Google Apps for Education domain for teachers to use with their students.